Monday, April 21, 2008

Roy Orbison Exhibit

Roy Orbison comes to Tempe, as memorabilia exhibit
By Albert Ching, Get Out
January 24, 2008-April 18th, 2008

Glen Agritelley likes Roy Orbison. A lot. He owns gold records, autographed guitars, signed promotional photos — even a 1985 black Porsche convertible once owned by the rock ’n’ roll pioneer, who died in 1988. Agritelley, a Dallas-based entrepreneur and a singer and musician himself, has dedicated much of his life to being the undisputed pre-eminent collector of Roy Orbison memorabilia.

Boy would it be awesome to sit in that 1985 Black Porsche convertible!


BeatlesDiva said...

OMG! How ironic is it that I was just listening to the song "In Dreams" by Roy Orbison when I read this. Looks like a lot of fun. Nothing better than a night out with a cute gal and a fast car ;-)

Courtney said...

Is that my cousin Lindsay? Are you guys dating?

Courtney said...

What a great pair! Lindsay is super the girl to death! Glad to see you have a blog...hope things are going well!