Thursday, April 10, 2008

I believe in...

baseball - hey batter batter
Salvation - an individual matter
Exaltation - a family matter
swimming, biking, and running 140 miles
a plan
laughter is the best medicine
physical challenges - anything for a good laugh
good music
white elephant gift parties
phone calls over text messaging
seeing someone face to face over phone calls
road trips
Fenway Park
making sure the toilet paper rolls over the top and not over the back side
Disneyland - how can you not like the happiest place on Earth
snowboarding - sorry, I can't do two sticks anymore
everyone gets second, third, and multiple chances
standard transmissions
The Book of Mormon - another Testament of Jesus Christ
The Bible, Doctrine & Covenants, and Pearl of Great Price
the hanging curve ball
the corner three point shot
aviator sunglasses
service, service, service
he lives!
returning emails, phone calls and most text messages.
being patient and understanding
having a velvet hammer!
prophets and apostles
stealing bases
ballpark hotdogs, peanuts, coke-cola classic
making dinner rather than buying dinner
asking for what you really want
living your dreams and fulfilling your goals
Red Sox Nation
smiling to make someone feel comfortable
open mic night
settlers of catan
Mexican train
staying up all night on Christmas eve to play games with your brothers
the Polar Bear club
ice-cream sandwiches
staying in contact
Dave Grohl
eternal marriages - I'm gonna get there...seriously
General Conference
the Priesthood
Fender strats, SG's and Explorers
Gibson Les Pauls
hard work makes you lucky
the right person breaks all the rules
taking your time on the toilet
free haircuts
laying it on the line
keeping your hands up on roller coasters
when in as the Romans do.
wit not sarcasm
letting go
caramel popcorn balls
running for charities
the full restoration of Christ's Church
a thing call love
paying tithing
making my bed
folding my clothes
every serious question in life can be answered by a Seinfeld episode
trying new things with an open mind
fast food only taste good when your in a hurry and after 11:00 pm
Connect 4 Rocks!
family comes first
go carts
80's movies and 80's music
learning from others successes and mistakes
taking a chance on a trampoline after you turn 30
the only thing uglier than war is being a coward
the New York yankees are the evil empire #1
the Los Angeles Lakers are the evil empire #2
pin stripes belong on suits
core training
me-monsters should take a trip to the moon, and stay
noticing the small things
that doing the wave during a baseball game is sacrilege, keep it at football games
being a fan is your right
skinny dipping
free agency
the pursuit of happiness
keeping the best moments in life secret
the right to riches
in Happy Gilmore
modern day revelation
having food storage
that I'm getting ripped off every time I fill up my car with gasoline
Superheroes, especially Superman
having understanding and not agreement is possible
looking before jumping
looking both ways before crossing
studying for understanding
transformers…Roll Out!
quoting lines from movies
shaving is one of the biggest inconveniences of my life
the Northern Lights
monstrous trout
dad’s Saturday morning pancakes
things will always work out
Texas should lower their flag below the American Flag!
knowledge is power
there is no road too long when it comes to finding my pillow
life is like a box of chocolates, but I would still rather have a snickers
Neil Diamond, Frank Sinatra, and Freddy Mercury
baptism the same way Christ was baptized, my immersion
crazy times mean crazy measures
kissing for no reason at all
Grand Slams!
taking chances
being honest and fair
giving back
passing gas is never, ever appropriate
President Thomas S. Monson
there is a time a season for all things
in many things, but especially you


BeatlesDiva said...

I love how you mentioned "staying in contact". I always believe that once you befriend a person, it's important to stay in touch with them, because you'll never know who that person can become and how you can influence them.

Jessica said...

what's up with us not making your friends and family list on your sidebar?!?

the Painters said...

Yes I wanna know what Trogdon means....and whatever happened to me doing your makeup for the pageant? jk.... I just remembered looking at your pageant pitures anyway. Nice job by the way! Miss ya!

bec said...

Your list is wonderfully joyous.
I, too, wonder what Trogdon means. I know who Trogdor is, but Trogdon is a mystery.
Hmmm...I believe in mysteries being solved...