Sunday, June 29, 2008

I'm getting married

I don't know if it's a miracle that she said Yes or if I'm actually getting married...either way Lindsey Lundeen and I are getting married October 10th, 2008 in the Mesa Arizona Temple. Whoooo Hoooo!!!!

It was awesome! Make sure you get me your address to get an invitation

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Lake Powell, Camping, Wedding

I don't know if I'm bad luck or good luck, but either way I was able to celebrate Memorial Day weekend with Lindsey and her family. We decided to celebrate in honor of Global Warming since it rained most of the weekend and then the water was 50' higher than last year. We made an estimation that the lake was going up about 6"-8" a day.

That same weekend I got a phone call from my younger sister saying that she could not believe that it was snowing on her graduation day. She never remembers it snowing on the 4th of July and almost had to cancel fireworks. Regardless, Al Gore wasn't invited to our Memorial Day festivities.

When we got to Lake Powell, it was freezing cold and I don't think we got in the water for the first 2 or even three days. We spent most of our time reading, watching movies (Brian Regan - I walked on the Moon), eating incredible food, exploring, hiking, and kayaking. When we finally got in the water is was great, but the cold turned up a notch when we got pulled out of the water. I've only been wake boarding 2 other times in my life, so getting out of the water made the trip a success.
Probably my favoriate part of Lake Powell was the hiking and exploring. Since most of the week was cold and I took the wimp clause, hiking and exploring was my favorite part. Finding little slots and cranys to explore and climb around. Wake boarding is the same where ever you go, but the scenery and environment was incredible. A few times we would take the kayak out and find new places to dock and walk around.

Then later that week we went to Vernon & St. Johns to camp and visit some of Lindsey's family. It was great; campfire, gourmet tin-foil dinners, smores (try it with Reese's peanut butter cup), guitar and nice cool weather. We also stopped by the Snow Flake Temple, it was my first experience with a mini temple, but still a wonderful experience.

Just a week or so later we went up to SLC for Lindsey's sister's wedding...(I don't know if I punctuated that correctly) It was great, we stayed at a family friends cabin in Deer Valley the whole weekend and enjoyed the cool weather. The day of the wedding there was 6 inches of fresh snow...I thought it was awesome, but I'm sure Remi, the bride, was not as thrilled.

Needless to say it was an awesome weekend. Lindsey was able to meet some of my siblings and I continued to go through the interview process with Lindsey's extended family. The reception was great. I got to help out the family set up th e dinner, which was delicious. I played a few songs on the guitar (no singing) while everyone was getting settled...and yes, I played about 5 Foo Fighter songs. Then the dinner, the toasts were great and then Remi played a song she wrote for Cole, it was amazing.

Anyway, these are just some of the pictures of the last few weeks.